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Hi, I'm a photographer from the North-East of England. 

I've developed my Impressionist photographic art to bring you the essence of what I see.

I hope you get some of the pleasure I had from making the artworks.

My works are a mix of limited-editions of 25 and open-edition works.

They are all presented as Fine Art prints (some are available as digital downloads, too).

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Request a Commission

Do you like my Impressionist style of photographic art?

Do you have an idea for something that bit special for your home, or as an extra-special gift, why not commission me?

Take a look at the "Request a Commission" tab for more information.

The great news is, there are no upfront costs (unless travel of more than 50 miles from Newcastle upon Tyne is involved).

Commissioned works are available as originals, or as part of my limited-edition collection.

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Contact Fotos For Art

Would you like one of my works in a different size? In a different mount? Want it framedNot a problem

If you have any query feel free to contact me at FotosForArt@gmail.com, call me on +44 7777 667 460,  

My Techniques

Phase 1:

I’ve developed the artwork by bringing together a series of photographs of a scene. These may be from simply walking around a subject, taking photographs as I go. Other times, it might be moving towards a subject. Or shooting at differing heights. Or at different times. And often a combination of these techniques.

  • I'll typically use 20 to 40 images in my limited-edition works (such as Quintessential Lindisfarne). For one of my commissions (Tyne's Bridges), it was 96 images.

  • Sometimes, I can get all the images I want in one visit. Other times, it can take a half-dozen visits, each time, making sure things like lighting and sky are the same each time.

  • My open-edition works take fewer images and (strictly), only 1 visit.

Phase 2:

I check through all of the images, rejecting those that don't fit the bill, cataloguing those I want to use and carrying out some basic editing (making sure there is detail in the darkest and brightest areas, for example).

Phase 3:

The photographs then need to be lined up in such a way that the subject and surroundings line up well, which can mean having to distort at least some aspects of the photographs. 

  • In my limited-edition works typically take 15 to 30 minutes to manipulate each image (as in Tranquil Harbour). But this can take an hour, or more for more complex images (as in Tommy, where hands, feet, head & rifle all had to be aligned).

  • My open-edition works (such as Hosta) are generally much easier to work on.

Phase 3:

Then, the photographs are blended together.

  • This is actually one of the easiest steps of all.

Phase 4:

And then, I bring out details of the subject, along with the background, foreground, etc.

  • I only do this in my Limited-edition works, to give a real feel for the scene. So here, each person (as in Rainy Day Saturday), object, building, tree, etc needs to be individually 'painted' back in just the right amount, blending each for the look and consistency that looks right.

Phase 5:

And finally, 'local' and 'global' adjustments to the work (colour, saturation, contrast, etc).

  • Again, this can be quite involved for my limited-edition works. Does this person stand out too much? Are the colours too rich? Or, do they need a boost? Or, do I desaturate the background a little, to draw more attention to the subject? Are there any lamp-posts, or trees showing up as 'ghosts' above the skyline? Should I put a slight vignette in? and more.

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