Welcome to my Edition types:

Here, you can browse my Impressionist photographic art by Editions

About my Impressionist artworks:

of a scene/subject, taking them at different angles, distances, height, etc. The photographs are then manipulated and aligned to focus attention on the main subject, but also tell the story of its environment and circumstances, working them as a form of art, rather than 'straight-forward' photographs, making each a great artwork in its own right.

Fine Art finishes:

All my works are Fine Art in both style and quality.

Limited-Edition and Open-Edition Fine Artworks are finished as "print only", or "mounted". Some are also available on canvas.  I print on Enhanced Matte Fine Art paper, which has a rich velvety finish, which complements the artwork, at a reasonable cost. I only print using genuine Epson archival inks.

Open-Edition Digital Download files are the very ones that I use in my own printing. Each digital download file is designed to print at the Open-Edition base size print (e.g. 16"x12", 12"x12") at 300 Dots Per Inch, which is industry standard. These can easily be resized to suit (e.g. 8”x6”, 6”x6”). You can use your file as often as you wish.

I develop my artworks by bringing together a series of photographs

Limited-Edition Works

My Limited-Edition artworks are strictly limited to a run of 25. This assures you of rare artwork wherever it is displayed.

Each is numbered and signed by the photographer.

Each Limited-Edition artwork is accompanied by an embossed, signed letter of authenticity, which displays the artwork's title, a brief description, limited-edition sequence number of the artwork, along with a picture of the artwork.

Open-Edition Works

My Open-Edition artworks use similar techniques to my Limited-Edition Prints. My Open-Edition Prints are less complicated and involved to produce compared to much of my work. As a result, I'm able to offer these artworks at price-points reflecting this.

Open-Edition Digital Downloads

Using similar techniques to my Limited-Edition Prints, my Open-Edition Digital Downloads are less complicated and involved to produce and don't require printing, packaging or posting. As a result, I'm able to offer these artworks at price-points reflecting this

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