Impressionism, Wild Flowers and Windmill

Here's a video of the scene I want to replicate as an 'impressionist' Fine Art print showing this beautiful bed of wild flowers with Whitburn Windmill as their backdrop, Tyne & Wear..

The earliest known records of a mill on this site date back to 1779, with this particular 'tower' mill dating from 1790. It was in use until 1896, when steam mills took over.

The sails, cap, fantail and grindstones disappeared, and only the stone tower remained. However, during the Second World War it provided a valuable look out post for enemy aircraft.

A series of restoration projects began in 1991, in which walls were repaired, doors and windows opened up, floors rebuilt, staircases and information panels installed. Then more recently, the lime mortar and decaying plaster, replacing internal timber floors and restoring the windmill blades.

And here's the finished artwork:

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