Intimate Poppy Portraits - A Fotos For Art YouTube Event

An intimate study of one of nature's annual wonders, I want to show poppies in their environment, close- up. join me at: ...

Using similar Blended Reality techniques to my Limited Edition Prints, my Open Edition Prints are far less complicated and involved to produce and don't require multiple visits (even just to our garden in this case), as is often the case with Limited Edition prints, commissions, etc. As a result, I'm able to offer these artworks at price-points reflecting this.

A photo-buddy of mine recently said, "What's there not to love about a poppy. For me though they herald the end of the seasonal bloom procession. From the pleasing Snowdrops of January to the soul lifting daffs of Feb and March followed by the gorgeous bluebells and crocus. The present red explosion sadly heralds the end of natures greatest parade of all. I now patiently await the splendour of autumn in it's bounty and intoxicating rich hues and ponder my remaining years I have left in winters gloom but anticipating the next sequence of beautiness and it's pleasure to the eyes." Attribution: Ian Maggiore


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