Sepia? Or, colour? You choose

Following on from my earlier blog, I can offer you the choice of two limited-edition Fine Art prints of Fountains Abbey, near Ripon…

One version (“Fountains Abbey”) is in Sepia tones shows Fountains Abbey ruins, which are the largest monastic ruins in the country. This scene shows part of the nowadays well-tended grounds of the abbey. The abbey was founded in 1132 by 13 Benedictine monks from St Mary’s in York. They'd grown fed up of the extravagant and rowdy way that the monks lived in York and so they escaped seeking to live a devout and simple lifestyle elsewhere. This was how they came to Fountains.

Fountains Abbey

The second version ("Summertime at Fountains Abbey") shows the same scene in colour, in which emphasis is placed more on the small ring of lovely flowers under a tree in the grounds. The print oozes summertime, with its foliage, floral display and blue sky.

After the estate was sold by the Crown to Sir Richard Gresham, it remained in private hands until the 1960s. This included ownership by William and John Aislabie who designed Studley Royal water garden, which sits right alongside. The colour version of this scene alludes well to the rest of the views you can get from this National Trust managed estate.

Summertime at Fountains Abbey

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