The Great North East - reasons to feel proud.

Folks, as you'll see in my "About Me" page, I love the North East of England. It's such a lovely place to live, or visit. City, town, or village; river, or coast; moorland, woodland, or valley; historic buildings, or brand new architecture, we're blessed with such diversity.

Tyne Bridge and Quayside Sunday Market

Our culture & accents, our open & welcoming lads n lasses. Who could ask for more? And, it's with that proud feeling I have that I want to take time to develop my 'Blended Reality' techniques across the region. I expect it will be a 'front-loaded', but long-term project.

Yes, there are other areas I'd like to explore and develop, such as portraiture, transport, nature and still-life. But I expect the next few months will be predominantly The Great North East.

I'll keep you 'in the loop' via my blogs as this project takes form and develops. Why not sign up to the my newsletters by visiting, and fill in the small form at the top of the screen?

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