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I'm a photographer from the North-East of England. For me, photography is total chill-out. From planning a shoot, to getting out there, to developing an image, to sharing with the likes of you.

I've developed my 'Blended Reality' style of images to bring you the essence of what I see. I hope that you get some of the pleasure I had from getting the images, as you look at my work.

Wherever I travel, Newcastle (upon Tyne) is always "Home." I love the feel of the North-East, the people, the scenery, the history. So while I hope you find sufficient variety in my work, I think you'll find I'm particularly interested in my 'roots'.

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All of my works are limited-editions, so they'll always be rare.

And, each comes in a variety of sizes and finishes, to suit many budgets.

Would you like to know the stories behind some of my work?

,Then, my YouTube channel

I take commissions:

If you have a scene, or occasion you'd like me to consider for my

style of work, head to https://www.fotosforart.com/request-a-commission


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