Sweet Honesty

I love the paper-like delicacy of these sweet honesty seed cases. I set these in a small vase, placed on a 6ft fence-post, so they were backlit by the sun. I took a series of photographs at varying distances, then blended them in Photoshop. The vase and  individual seed cases in each photograph then had to be re-positioned in Photoshop so they were aligned closely to one another, then blended together. I changed the hue of the red-brick background to a more pleasing green, bringing some of that green onto the white vase (it is fairly subtle). Finally, a series of manipulations in Photoshop were applied to the overall image and to local areas in the image itself. I hope you enjoy the finished result as much as my wife and me.


Using similar Blended Reality techniques to my Limited Edition Prints, my Open Edition Prints are far less complicated and involved to produce and don't require multiple visits (even just to our garden in this case), as is often the case with Limited Edition prints, commissions, etc. As a result, I'm able to offer these artworks at price-points reflecting this.

Sweet Honesty

Open Edition Prints (Single)


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