Owengate, Durham City

I love trying to capture the atmosphere of weather and people, as here in, Rainy Day, Owengate. The scene of shoppers and visitors in Durham City in mainly good humour, despite the inclement weather as they head between the city of Durham (forward and left of this viewpoint) and the Cathedral and castle (behind us).

I also love the quaintness of this little street, lined by old buildings, and its cobbled road.


I’ve developed the artwork by bringing together a series of photographs of the scene, taking them at different angles, distances, height, etc. The photographs are then manipulated and aligned to focus attention on the main subject, but also tell the story of its environment and circumstances, working them as a form of art, rather than a straight-forward photograph, making a great artwork in its own right.

The artwork is strictly limited to a run of 25, assuring you of rare wall-art wherever it is displayed. It is numbered and signed by the photographer and is accompanied by an embossed, signed letter of authenticity, with the limited-edition sequence number of the piece, along with a copy of the artwork.

Printed on Epson Professional Enhanced Matte Fine Art paper, using genuine Epson archival inks

Rainy Day (mono), Owengate

Open Edition Prints (Single)
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